The Story - Week 1 - Creation

January 18, 2015 Speaker: Bruce Humphrey Series: The Story

Passage: Genesis 1:1–8:22

I love a great story, and Common Ground is very excited about our church-wide journey into The Story! I hope this introduction will provide an engaging and efficient framework for your understanding of what I want to accomplish in the next 33 weeks with our community. My hope is that this in-depth study of God's Word will guide everyone to discover their role in God’s redemptive plan.

After our 33 week journey, we will:

See the big picture of God’s great Story

Listen for God’s direction through Scripture and insights from your leaders and peers
Learn deep truths about the character and nature of God
Express your learnings and thoughts through discussion and creative mediums
Discover new insights and directions for your lives in light of God’s Story
See how your story is a part of God’s bigger Story

The Bible may appear to be a just collection of random stories, however a unity appears. What is God trying to say through the individual stories and events recorded? Our church is going to see the bigger picture of the Story of God and how He wants to redeem His people.

This grand narrative is the true account of God’s pursuit to redeem and restore God’s beloved creation. Looking at the big-picture view of the Bible is what we’ll call the Upper Story.

Within this Upper Story are many smaller stories, which we call the Lower Story. The Lower Story contains the details of particular people and the episodes we’ve become familiar with: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, the flood, and so on. When we look at each story in the Upper Story and Lower Story, this helps us to:

See that God and God’s dreams for the world are central in the Story.

See how all of the events, places, and people of the Bible (the Lower Story) are connected to each other and to a greater purpose

See how our lives fit the “bigger picture” and realize how God’s Story continues with us as active participants

Most of the Bible—as much as 75%— was written in narrative form. Even parts that are more didactic, such as the epistles, contain strong narrative elements and are part of the context of the bigger Story.

By putting all that we read and hear from Scripture into a larger picture, we can make application from the Bible that takes into account the grand, mysterious ways of God and guards us from missing the mark with an interpretation commonly known as “this is what this verse says to me” approach. In other words, the Upper Story creates the context for the Lower Story.

As we journey through The Story together, the Bible’s events and characters found in the Lower Story will point us to the larger purpose of the Upper Story: God’s desire to restore and build a relationship with creation.

I need your support and involvement in this endeavor. I believe our involvement will help make this experience special and unique. Without your participation, our group will suffer.

You matter to the Kingdom of God and indeed you matter to me. My desire is to make a New Year filled with greater connection with other churchgoers and ultimately a greater connection with our church.

Would you be willing to help make a New Year’s resolution and be consistent at our Sunday morning gathering time?

I guarantee this: your involvement will help write your story in God’s story as together we seek a better understanding of the Word, ourselves, and our place in the Kingdom of God.

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Pastor Bruce

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