Backpack Attack Tampa


Every summer Common Ground Christian Church makes a significant push to impact Broward Elementary through Backpack Attack Tampa. What started with a gift of backpacks has grown to be our most impactful partnership in our community.

Partnering with Broward has become a year round experience. We partner in other ways like:

  • We partner through Fall Festival by hosting out Halloween alternative on the school’s campus.
  • We help with special event nights.
  • We serve on committees to help shape the educational culture of our local school.
  • We mobilize our people and service teams to serve in the classroom, mentor students, and help in resource rooms.
  • We supply needed resources when available. Whether that be books for Broward, bookshelves, a science garden or paint, we stand in the gap to help out.

Backpack Attack Tampa serves as the kick off to that partnership each year.

Will you consider partnering with us? Make an online donation by clicking here. When given the option to “Select One” choose “Broward (Back 2 School Help)” to define your gift.

Thank you for making a difference in the urban corridor of Tampa. This is one of the many ways we extent the grace of Jesus to the world around us! 





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