Mission, Vision, and Values

Knowing a church's focus helps you understand who and what they are about. At Common Ground, we are about people. From our relationships with our neighbors to the service to our community, we are about people coming together as one family in Jesus. You can also see our Priorities and Beliefs by clicking here.


Our Values:

1. SHARE Graciously: Every person matters and all people need to belong to something greater than our own life. We all come from a life that is lost and broken, but God calls all people to life found in him through Jesus as family.

2. SHARE Authentically: Loving relationships are the evidence of the reality of God. Our love for God shows in the way we love others. The highest honor of love is to love and be loved from an authentically pure life.

3. SHARE Continually: Life is best learned together. God has written His story through the Bible. By studying His word and living it out together, we continue to live out the message of God as family.

4. SHARE Sacrificially: Jesus exemplified our model for leadership and the church today shares that model in serving the world. Therefore, sacrificial leadership begins first in the home and then in the world.


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